Soul Crush Armageddon

by Let Them Hang

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Let Them Hang
Soul Crush Armageddon (2014)
1. Goat Star
2. Pounded Lungs
3. Gothenburg Is Burning

Recorded live at Nacksving Studio 1, March 31 to April 1 by Isak Edh.
Mixed and mastered by Isak Edh at Nacksving Studio 1.

Produced by Let Them Hang.


released April 2, 2014

All music and lyrics by Let Them Hang, except Goat Star, written by Let Them Hang and Gustaf Dahl.

Let Them Hang is:
Staffan: Bass & Background Vocals
Peter: Drums & Percussion
Alex: Guitar & Vocals



all rights reserved


Let Them Hang Gothenburg, Sweden

Formed in Gothenburg in 2013, Let Them Hang set out to be a death'n'roll power trio with a sonic wall of sound, a mixture of distortion, groove and intensity.
Drawing inspiration from old-school Death Metal, Punk, Hardcore and Rock'n'Roll, the result comes out as a pummeling assault on the senses.

Let Them Hang plays by the creed that music should be fun, loud, intense and made by and for fans.
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Track Name: Goat Star
From the graves we’re returning
Tonight another church is burning
Accept Satan as your master
Your severed limbs in the star of the goat

We are inferno
We are Goat Star
We are inferno
We are Goat Star

Satan, my father
Lucifer, my guide

Divine lies suffers in the fire
The violence towards God is rising

We are inferno
We are Goat Star
We are inferno
We are Goat Star

Crawling from womb to tomb
Hellish maggots gushes from the wounds
Ignore the light, do not repent the way
Heading towards eternal soul decay
Track Name: Pounded Lungs
Dismembered in the devils blood
Mutilated beyond belief
Darkness descends of shredded flesh
Infernal death - Eternal punishment

Tortured screams from pounded lungs
Hung up and bled like a pig
Dead skin on an empty vessel
Inferior death - Eternal punishment

Mouth spread wide, acid rains down
The flames of hell burns inside
Salvation lies within the purge
Internal death - Eternal punishment
Track Name: Gothenburg Is Burning
We are the destroyers of worlds
A flame of violence
White flags and doves
All comes falling down
We are the legions of hate
Crusaders of the end
A juggernaut of Death
Soul crush armageddon

Marching forward with darkness
And death in our wake
We violate this nature
We are the filth of mankind
Holocaust and genocide
Sodomy and famine
We defile what’s left
With fire and pain

Gothenburg is burning
Cleansed by napalm
Gothenburg is burning
Hell comes the skies

I’m the great rebellion
I am the questioner
I am temptation
I’m the serpent eternal
I will ascend to heaven
From the lake of fire
I will rise to the stars
To my throne above god

Burn The World